**Interview with a Vampire**


Is a vampire's love worth dying for?

Malachi Bane had been condemned to live forever without the woman he would love until the day he died. He waits out eternity in isolation, on a small island in the Maine Archipelago. When a visiting couple threatens his peaceful existence, Bane prepares to kill them if he has to, in order to defend his home and protect his privacy. Instead, he is compelled to save the life of the woman he has become strangely fascinated with, not realising the consequences of his actions at first.

Amber Kirkwood isn't impressed by Bane's macho attitude and has no idea how she got embroiled in the mess her life has become. Her rescue from the island and subsequent arrest for her colleague David's unexplained death, sets off a chain of events she has no control over and no desire to be a part of. On top of that, she is then kidnapped by Bane and held hostage so he can protect her from Katerina, the vengeful female who created him and has never forgiven him for leaving her.

When the physical and emotional bonds begin to grow between the unlikely couple, Bane longs to 'change' Amber, in order to save her life and keep her with him forever. But she fears for her immortal soul and, with so much at stake, Amber can't be sure that what she feels for Bane truly is worth dying for.

Reader Advisory: This book contains moderate horror and mild scenes of violence.

by Luxie Ryder

Luxie:Dear Readers. Please say hello to my guest Malachi Bane, a former Louisiana Plantation owner from the 18th century, who is now a vampire, currently living on an island in the Maine Archipelago. Welcome Mr. Bane.

Bane: Thank you.

Luxie: May I call you Malachi?

Bane: I'd rather you called me Bane.

Luxie: Of course. And you can call me anytime you like.

Bane: Why?

Luxie: Just my little joke. I'm nervous.

Bane: I don't understand-

Luxie: Just forget it, ok? Now, Malachi... sorry, I mean Bane...what was the first thought that went through your head when you laid eyes on Amber.

Bane: How I could end her life without frightening her.

Luxie: What?!

Bane: Please forgive my blunt answer. I did not intend to shock you. She and her friend intruded upon my privacy and threatened my solitude. You must understand - I am a soldier and a vampire. Until I met Amber, humans were always only prey or adversaries.

Luxie: But you don't feel that way anymore? I mean...should I be worried?

Bane: You have no need to fear me. I learned to control those urges a century ago. But when I am threatened or challenged, it is harder to remember the vow I made to never again hunt humans for food.

Luxie: Phew! Ok and your second thought?

Bane: My second thought was that I was naked.

Luxie: As in no clothes?

Bane: Those who live alone have no need for clothing.

Luxie: You never wear clothes?

Bane: Not when I'm alone. Is this really what you wanted to talk to me about?

Luxie: You mean to tell me that you ramble around on that almost inhabitable island stark naked? What about sunburn or frost bite? You're a gigantic motherfu...I mean, you're a big guy. There's a lot of you to burn.

Bane: The cold doesn't affect me at all. However, were I to spend too much time in the sun, sunburn would be the least of my concerns.

Luxie: So what does Amber think of that?

Bane: I have not told her. She is blaming herself for enough as it is.

Luxie: So she is a fugitive from the law after being falsely accused of David's death and is practically your hostage, but she thinks it's her fault?

Bane: No, she blames me for that. And she is right. This is my doing.

Luxie: You caused this?

Bane: When I changed my mind about killing them and had to save Amber's life, I didn't have time to worry what David might see me do. It took every ounce of my enhanced speed and strength to save her. When I realised what he had seen, the only way to silence him would have been to kill him, but I let him escape in order to raise the alarm and bring help for Amber.

Luxie: Did that help arrive?

Bane: Yes, the next day - after I'd spend a night tortured by her nearness and vulnerability. She began to hallucinate and thought I was her dead husband. Amber clung to me, her body entwined with mine as she stroked my hair. I tried to pull away but she always became distressed, so I simply endured the agony of being close to her and did not leave her side until the helicopter arrived.

Luxie: So Amber was rescued but what happened to David? He got to the mainland obviously, so how did he die?

Bane: The fool caused his own death and put Amber in mortal danger. It was indiscreet of me to allow a human to see what I was, but if David had simply been grateful rather than greedy, he would still be alive today. By calling the press, he threatened to expose The Fratia. Ulrich, our leader, would never allow that.

Luxie: Your people - The Fratia - killed David?

Bane: Ulrich only ordered that I ensure their silence. It was his daughter, Katerina who had David killed. She will do the same to Amber if she gets her way.

Luxie: But why does Katerina care about Amber? More to the point, why do you?

Bane: Katerina doesn't care, not directly. The events coming to a head now were set in motion many centuries ago. Katerina was my maker and I defied her by leaving her. She has never forgiven me, nor allowed me to find love. When she heard of the risks I had taken to save a woman, especially a mere mortal, she became irrationally jealous and ordered them killed without her father's knowledge. I've already slaughtered three good men in order to protect Amber and I'd kill every last one of them before I let Katerina take her.

Luxie: Don't you simply need to get word to Ulrich?

Bane: The old fool would never deny his daughter to save the life of a human. No, I had no choice but to get her out of Augusta and take her to my island. It's the only place I have a chance of protecting her.

Luxie: And you Bane, why do you care what happens to Amber?

Bane: Amber is the bravest, most compassionate woman I have met in either of my lives. She is beautiful, funny, intelligent and spirited. It would be a sin for one so special to die because of me. It should not happen. I will not allow it to happen...

Luxie: You seem quite taken with her.

Bane: I must confess, the thought of any harm coming to her tortures me. I...I asked her to stay with me...forever. To let me change her so we can be together always, but she refused. She considers it suicide and fears for her soul. She does not want to offend her God.

Luxie: It makes you angry that she is a Catholic?

Bane: Amber would give up eternity in exchange for a fairytale.

Luxie: So what happens now?

Bane: I fear the end is near. Solomon, my brother in arms and the only vampire who is my equal will no doubt be sent to the island. I know Katerina - she thinks I will give Amber up rather than kill my friend. She is wrong but it doesn't matter because I cannot be sure I will win.

Luxie: What will Solomon do to Amber if he wins?

Bane: We will never know, because I will never allow him to take her life. Unlike me, Solomon relishes what he is and will allow his nature full reign. I will never submit her to that fate. I vow that if the end ever comes and all seems lost, I will do the deed myself. Only I will ensure she feels no pain and has no fear.

Luxie: I pray it doesn't come to that...

Bane: More prayers? Do humans cling to the myth of a deity because reality is too horrific to bear?

Luxie: I know what I believe, and it seems Amber agrees with me. Speaking of Amber, where is she now?

Bane: She was sleeping when I left her side. I must go - we have so little time left that I am loathe to waste more of it. I bid you goodbye.

Luxie: Goodbye Bane, and good luck.

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