Valentine's Week CONTEST... Name that Hero!

Valentine's Week Contest

Valentine's is on a Monday this year...fooey!  Oh well, let's make a week of it.

In the comments, choose the name for one of the heros in my next western menage romance.  Simple.

The contest closes and the winner will be chosen on
February 18th!

One winner will:

1.) Have their chosen hero's name in my next western menage romance!

2.) Choose any two of my ebooks for free!

3.) Choose a $10.00  Evernight Publishing or Siren Publishing gift certificate!

Start thinking of names and comment away.  I look forward to hearing your ideas :)

Stacey xo


Angelina Rain said…
I'm thinking Cade, sexy cowboy name.
Pat C. said…
Maybe this could work, if they never find out about it, because this is a true story. One contestant team on The Amazing Race was a pair of Oklahoma cowboy brothers named Jet and Cord. Seriously. I always thought they sounded like a menage waiting to happen. On top of it all, they were really nice guys. I'd love to be the meat in their cowboy sandwich.

Otherwise, Brandon or Brand is always good.
A.D Blackburn said…
Jet and Cord? Lord I love me some cowboys! But being from the Southeast in a region of North Carolina where cowboys exist, I gotta tell you, nothing beats a down home rooted in the earth name. Jackson. That name makes me swoon.
Jillian said…
What a fun idea! I like a strong, short, one syllable name - like Jed or Dirk.
Karin said…
You've already got some great suggestions. Both Cord and Jackson definitely make me think cowboy. But, some other options might be: Kane (or Cain), Grant, Reed, Colt.

Different but masculine.

coachjenn at
I love the name Cord and was going to suggest it - then I saw someone else beat me to the draw!

What about something like Apache? Durant? Maybe Saint.

Or for a more standard name, what about Mick.
Gabby said…
I only have one idea that might sound nice as a cowboy name and that's James.

I'm also going to suggest two of my favorite names, they don't sound very cowboy like, but like I said they're two of my favorite names.

Alec or Allan, so you think those have possibilities?
Anonymous said…
I am thinking Cole. Needs to be something short. :)
Rain said…
Maybe Mack, Ward or Rusty.

lol I didn't intentionally look for something short, but they all are...
Chrizette said…
I like "old fashioned" names - what about Benjamin (nickname Benji?)

baychriz at gmail dot com
Crystal Dee said…
I grew up watching westerns with my Dad and there is one name that has the power to totally melt my bones. Sam as in Sam Elliot the ultimate cowboy in movies. I swear that man could be sexy just reading the phonebook. Elliot might work just as well
L. K. Below said…
Ooh this sounds like fun! How about Dustin, Troy, or Hugh?
L. K. Below said…
Whoops, forgot to leave my email address -- lbelow(at)

While I'm at it, I might as well leave another name. How about Valentine, Val for short? That's actually one of the names I want for one of my sons (no kids currently). Plus it's in honor of the holiday this contest is for :)
Stormy said…
I like Ryan, Noah and Cale for short and sweet. If you want something a bit longer I like Peyton, Thomas and Justin. Just thinking of yummy cowboy names makes me go HMMMMMMM!!!!
Sondrae Bennett said…
I like the Jackson and Reed suggestions. I also like Bruce or Parker.
Mandy said…
How about Trent or Tyler?
Gabby said…
Forgot my email
lisagk said…
How about Trace or Drake or Dirk or Dakota
I happen to like St. John. I know its more of a last name type thing, but it could be used like Sinjin for a nickname or something like that. I also like Logan, Darren, Lake, Davis, Gabe, and Dag. Those are always good names.

rayna @
I've always loved Seth and Randall. In NC I knew two cowboys by those names.
Stacey said…
I couldn't pick just one.

The Winners are:

LK BELOW for selecting "Valentine"


PAT C. for selecting "Cord"

Thanks for playing, ladies!!!