Welcome Guest Blogger: Angela Claire!

Welcome Angela Claire!

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Blurb from  Heart of Stone:

Widowed Colorado cowboy Jake Stone has a baby to take care of. But when he asks his aunt to come west to help, she sends Melinda O'Chauncey instead...a walking, talking inspiration for sex if Jake ever saw one. Jake has no intention of ever marrying again, so he vows to keep his hands off the sexy new nursemaid. Easier said than done!

As skittish as Jake is about matrimony, Melinda couldn't marry the handsome cowboy, even if he got down on his knees and begged her. She has secrets of her own that she hopes are far, far behind in Boston.

Add to that a rash of mysterious happenings on the ranch that make Jake's wife's death a question mark, and a wedding may turn out to be the least of Melinda and Jake's problems. In fact, it looks like a funeral might be in store for them instead.
Let's get to know Angela...
1.) What is your favorite genre to write or are you still experimenting to see what you like best?

I guess I would have to say that I’m still experimenting. My first book, Saving McCade, was an erotic contemporary suspense and my second, Heart of Stone (which is due out next week… plug, plug…) is an erotic historical western. I liked writing both of them. But then I promptly wrote To Catch a Pirate. As you may imagine, that one is a pirate one. For my fourth, though, I’m back to a western. So I plan to just go with the flow. I will say that when I write contemporary, I don’t have to look anything up. My westerns are set in the 1870s and, sadly, I don’t know too much about the 1870s. For instance, I had to look up whether Colorado was a state then. (Not to keep you in suspense, it wasn’t.) So romance is romance, no matter when it takes place, but doing a historical requires a little more effort on the details surrounding the romance. Also, in a contemporary, you get to use modern slang, which is fun.

2.) What make a great romantic suspense?

I like a lot of connection between the hero and the heroine, so I think the suspense should revolve around and shape that. It might be a situation they’re both trapped in or a situation in which one of them knows something that the other doesn’t. In Saving McCade, the heroine saves the hero from prison, but in fact she’s the one who put him there. The suspense revolves around that dilemma. Of course, really hot sex helps to make great romantic suspense too.

3.) Do you plot your books or write as you go?

I write them as I go along. Usually, I start with a scene in the middle and write around it. I do write the last part, though … well, last.

4.) How important do you think cover art is for an ebook?

I’m still getting a feel for this, so I’m not sure I’m qualified to say yet. As a reader, I like to look at the cover of an e-book before I read it, but I usually won’t buy the book unless I like the blurb or the excerpt too. As an author, when I saw the cover art for my first book, I was so excited I wanted to e-mail it to everyone I knew. Unfortunately, most of the people I know don’t know I write romance, so I had to settle with showing it to my family. I was so thrilled that someone had taken my concept for a story and put it in the form of a picture. It was wonderful.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I’m working on another western set in the same town as Heart of Stone and its sequel (which Siren has just accepted) Jesse’s Girl. I do have an idea for a sci/fi romance, though, that I might try my hand at. It involves a planet ruled by women where the men are subservient. (I often find myself daydreaming about that concept at work… wonder why…) The romance comes when the planet is invaded by a gorgeous captain from another planet. I’m still working out the details!

Thanks for joining me, Angela!!


Colleen said…
Great to hear from Angela! I loved Saving McCade - it was really sexy but lots of fun too - I definately look at the ebook cover and find it engages my interest almost as much as the title. Really looking forward to reading more from Angela and from you Stacey.

Elizabeth B. New York
Angela Claire said…
I like the western motif on the cover of Heart of Stone too. For my pirate one, To Catch a Pirate, I had in mind Adrian Paul, the dark star of the t.v. show Highlander. For the next one (which is a sequel to Heart of Stone), I had in mind Brad Pitt in Thelma and Louise for Jesse.
Anonymous said…
That opening scene in Saving McCade was smoking-loved it - Be checking out the new one for more of that excitement. Really love westerns too -
I already picked up this book! So excited to read it. I love to hear about other authors who write in multiple subgenres!
Angela Claire said…
Thanks Julia. I'm having fun with playing around with different ones. A sci/fi erotic will be extremely different for me, but I'm looking forward to it. May think about shape shifting too! (and I loved your latest, Pushing Her Boundaries!)
Angela Claire said…
And thanks Anonymous for liking the first scene of Saving McCade. I really appreciate the comment. I have a special fondness for that one because it was rattling around in my head for years before I really put it to paper.
AJ in Seattle said…
Hi Angela,
Saving McCade was a great read, I thought the characters were cool and the prison scene was my favorite, the way she kept forgetting why she was there.
Angela Claire said…
Thanks AJ! That is so good to hear! I am having such fun hearing from people who read the book. It is such a thrill for me as a first time writer. Thanks again.