Twenty-seven year old Christina Wolfe thought she was trapped in a dead end job as a bank teller. She felt as though her life was going nowhere. Then an unexpected gift came from her late grandmother, who provided her with an all expense paid for vacation to a luxury resort known as Golden Acres.

Christina jumped at the chance to escape her boring everyday life and experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to let her hair down and enjoy herself. As she left the bright lights of the city she became surrounded by a peaceful country setting. She knew this trip was just what her soul craved.

What Christina never anticipated was that her spa vacation was not what she had thought it to be, instead of a luxury spa she found herself on a working ranch equipped with three sexy as sin cowboys, Jake, Noah and their friend James. The trio sets the bar high for ultimate sex appeal.

The trio of cowboys is quick to let Christina know of their full intentions, to bring her body to a place she never knew existed. Christina throws caution to the wind and finds herself caught up in a sultry ménage à trois that sets her body on fire.

All too soon Christina finds that her vacation is about to come to an end. Will she be willing to say goodbye to her cowboy lovers and return to her dull life? Or will she find her world is not complete without her three sexy cowboys?

CATCH ME IF YOU CAN is one electrifying book! Stacey Espino is a master at writing a book that overflows with beautifully displayed ménage à trois scenes. This is the first offering that I have found of this author, but it surely will not be my last for she knows how to provide the best reading experience for her fans.