Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Kate Hill

Welcome Author Kate Hill!

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Blurb from Hung at Dawn:

Rough -- Sefu, a hunky pro fighter in the Aspectian arena where contestants battle in a variety of forms, faces death after being gored by his latest opponent.

Tough -- Tiago, a mysterious career criminal, awaits execution in a high security prison where his shapeshifting powers have been neutralized.

Tumble -- Zandra, a pleasure shifter who has mastered the art of seduction, entertains a dangerous client who wants more from her than sex.

Dr. Apriyn brings together these three seductive shapeshifters for a time travel experiment that hurls them into the old west where sex and violence reign supreme. While defending a town threatened by outlaws, the trio discover each other's talents, in bed and out.
Let's get to know Kate...
1.) Holy smokes, woman! You have a huge backlist! How many titles do you have published and what was your very first one?

Right now I have over 100 published stories. The first story I ever had accepted was a short erotic vampire story called Goddess of the Wine. It appeared in A Taste of Midnight anthology from Circlet Press.

2.) You dabble in many sub-genres of erotic romance like me. What is your favorite to write?

I love paranormal. Vampires. Shapeshifters. Aliens. Anything paranormal. Paranormal is also my favorite to read.

3.) How often do you write and do you do it f/t?

I write every day. With writing, edits and promo it is a full time job. I also have a second job apart from writing.

4.) Your head must be filled with voices from all your past characters. How do you come up with so many new characters, names, and plots?

It's strange, but I've always felt like my characters find me. They seem to tell me about themselves and let me know their stories. I don't feel like I tell my characters what to do or how to act. They tell me. That means I don't always agree with them, but I need to go along with what they want, otherwise I'm not being true to them.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

Right now I'm finishing an erotic romance about a half-human half-demon who tries to break the family tradition and stay out of hell. It's called Wild Woods and it's the third story in my Mate Marks: Cursed series from Changeling Press. I'm also working on a new book in my Horsemen series from Ellora's Cave. Horsemen are shapeshifting winged centaurs who sometimes find their destined mates through shared dreams.

This month the second book in my Rough, Tough and Tumble series will be released by Changeling Press. The first book, Hung at Dawn, introduces a trio of shapeshifting aliens who take part in a time travel experiment and go to the old west. The story is a ménage, so along the way the three fall in love.


Anya K said…
Both of you ladies are wonderful. Keep it up.
Kate Hill said…
Thank you, Anya!
Caffey said…
I so love Kate's books! Always so unique!!! I get excited about each one and so am with HUNG AT DAWN! I love the combo of these heroes and too being shapeshifters! This is going to be a great one too! I think I did find that print anthology of yours with your debut! I don't have all your books but I so hope to some day! You do so much Kate. Thanks for all you do!