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Blurb from Sleepless Knights:

Can Andy and Paul save their rocky relationship by bringing another man into their bed, or will it drive them even further apart?

After falling passionately in love, Andy and Paul are totally committed to each other. But when the two-year itch infects their relationship, Paul becomes distant and refuses to talk about it. Paul is the love of Andy’s life and he’ll do anything to make him happy, even if it means bringing another man into their bed. But is it really the answer? Or will it drive them further apart?

Zach flees to Los Angeles to escape his abusive father. He plans to use his good looks to get into the film industry but catching that big break is harder than he thought. He decides to try his luck in San Francisco. He has no money but if he can find someone to put a roof over his head, he’ll trade sex for security. When two smokin’ hot guys pick him up on the Pacific Coast Highway, he thinks he hit pay dirt. He never expected to actually fall for them.
Let's get to know Gale...

1.) I noticed your shift into m/m romance. Do you feel a stronger connection to your characters in this sub-genre?

I know some people are surprised that I write MM fiction but it never occurred to me that there was anything strange about it. After all I wrote a series about shape-shifting Lycans and I’m not a werewolf. I think my shift started while I was writing the Black Wolf Gorge books. I noticed I liked writing the male POV much more than the female. And in the back of my mind there was a story simmering about two men which became Silent Knights, my first MM erotic romance.

I used to work on a survey party. Not that kind of party, believe me. We worked outside on construction sites. When I was hired, women were a rarity in the field. In an office of fifty, I was one of four women – a secretary, a payroll clerk, a drafter and me. I wore a hardhat and steel-toed boots and worked outside with the guys. Needless to say they weren’t thrilled to have me – at first. Once they figured out, I wasn’t going anywhere, I became one of the guys. They were a fun loving rowdy bunch - an unbelievable cast of characters. I learned a lot about men and I found I enjoyed working with them much more than the women. POINT OF BEGINNING, my second MM book, takes place in an office much like the one I worked in. But the men in my story are much more believable than the ones I worked with.

2.) Are you an avid reader? Do you own an ereader?

I’ve always been an avid reader and always read books way above my level. I had to sneak them so my mother wouldn’t find out I was reading romances and mystery thrillers. I loved print books and thought I’d never get an ereader. Of course that changed when I started writing ebooks. And I was tired of carrying a bag full of books wherever I went. I have my Kindle almost a year now and I love it. In fact I’ve been singing its praises so much everyone in my family has bought one.

3.) Tell us about your Books and Blurbs Blog

Books and Blurbs started out as a review blog way back when I was still working the day job. When I became published I had less and less time to read. Plus I had another blog and a website to keep up. Rather than give up the blog I decided to change the format and use it to help other writers promote their work. You actually influenced that decision. When my first book was published you offered me a spot on your blog. I love your books and I was so thrilled to be a guest. I thought it was wonderful that you helped others and I wanted to give back in some way.

4.) Will you continue to write paranormal romance or are you more comfortable with contemporary?

I actually started a new MM paranormal series. It’s called Symbiotic Mates. Book one, HUNTER AND THE HAWK comes out in April. And I’m working on another book that continues after CAPTIVE. It takes the characters in a new direction and moves away from the PA Wilds so I think I’ll have to change the series title from Black Wolf Gorge to something else. But that’s still in the works.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I just signed a contract for ONE NIGHT IN BANGKOK. It’s a contemporary MM multicultural romance and the first of a series called Flight Plans. And there’s also a book three in the Gentlemen’s Club series in the works. So I’m keeping pretty busy.

Stacey thanks so much for having me today. And I want to thank the readers for their support. You are much appreciated. I love you all.
Blurb from Some Like It Rough:
Julian Decker grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, in an inner city neighborhood with a reputation for violence and crime. He leaves his old life behind when he gets a lucrative job at the exclusive Gentlemen’s Club. When he spots wealthy member, Richard Caldwell, it’s lust at first sight. The older man is way out of his league and doesn’t even know he exists. But Julian is used to going after what he wants and when an opportunity arises he makes his move.

As part-owner of the Gentlemen’s Club, well-respected attorney, Richard Caldwell, has the means to make all his dreams come true. But Richard’s dreams died five years ago when he lost his long-time partner to cancer. He’s never been able to move on and he’s resigned to living the rest of his life alone.

Then on one of his rare visits to the Club, a seductive new employee catches his eye and makes him an offer he can’t refuse. For the first time in years, Richard is attracted to another man and he responds to the strong chemistry between him and Julian. But before the budding relationship can get started, Richard is attacked and all the evidence points to his new lover.
Thanks for joining me, Gale!!  You're a great friend and author!
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Gale Stanley said…
Thanks for having me Stacey! I always love visiting you!
JP said…
Thanks for interviewing Gale, her stories are hot, passionate, and so believable. Always a great read.
Julia Barrett said…
Gale's books are always fun - exciting - stimulating! Nice interview.
Gale Stanley said…
Thanks so much Julia & JP
Pender Mackie said…
Good interview. The questions were interesting and I enjoyed reading your answers.
Gale Stanley said…
Thanks for stopping by Pender! Have a great day!
HeatherLin88 said…
Great interview! I've never felt very comfortable writing from a male POV, and I've often wondered how other female authors find it so easy. I guess working with a group of construction guys helps!
Calisa Lewis said…
I'm late to the party but here nonetheless! I was with hubby at work all day yesterday (and out buying MY new Kindle!!!). Congrats on all your releases Gale. I know 'Bangkok' was destined to be a hit. So excited for you girl!
rfirasek said…
Great Interview! Gale, I love that you started out in a man's world. That's where I live. lol. In a man's world.
Gale Stanley said…
Working with men is a trip - but I loved it. Some of them are still my best friends today. Thank you all for reading. I loved my visit.