Welcome Guest Blogger: Lorelei Confer!

Welcome Author Lorelei Confer!

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Blurb from Deadly Deception:

Human Trafficking is one of the most prolific and lucrative businesses in the world and growing every day. But that’s only in third world countries, right? Isabella Donnelly finds out the hard way; through personal experience.

She is drugged, abducted, and taken from her so-called friend’s house in Colorado and transported across state lines all the way to Virginia. Finally escaping after several attempts, she ironically runs into the arms of skeptical detective, Wyatt Bowman. The staggeringly handsome, with nothing-gets-past-him sharp blue eyes, is hard to convince that the horrific story she’s telling is true.

Their attraction is hot, sizzling, and irresistible. While they get caught up in each other, will Wyatt be able to let her go through with a sting operation against the group that is human trafficking women from all over the country? Will he trust her to handle the danger, and then when she finds out his secret, will he be able to gain her trust in return?

Let's get to know Lorelei...

1.) How much research and planning go into your novels?

A lot of research went into human trafficking itself. It was a subject I knew next to nothing about. So I visited with the local undercover detectives assigned to the task force of human trafficking and gained so much knowledge, and was able to include it in my book(s).

2.) Do you think it's possible to mix erotic elements and serious subjects within a novel?

Yes, there are times when the heroine is going through a bad time and needs someone to care about her as a woman and help her replace her fears with pleasure. (Better than Jack Daniels)

3.) What do you do to celebrate a new contract?

Go to the beach and celebrate with a quiet dinner, (after I’ve called and told everybody I know)

4.) What do you think makes cover art great?

Eye appeal and something catchy but also a good cover artist who understands the authors portrayal of the hero/heroine and the general story/message.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I just received an offer from Siren for my second book on human trafficking titled Deadly Revenge expected out in April and June for paperback. I am currently working on my third book about human trafficking titled Deadly Deliverance. So everyone can be watching for them as well. Then I have a couple short Novellas I’m working on as well as a ton of other writing material in different stages.


Julia Barrett said…
Congrats on your new contract offer - this is such a serious subject and your treatment of it in the first book was brilliant!
Lorelei Confer said…
Thanks Julia. Glad you enjoyed it.
The first book was very exciting. There is so much confusion about human trafficking is this country. I think this is a facinating and under written subject.

Good luck with your next book.