Welcome Guest Blogger: Author Pepper Anthony

Welcome author Pepper Anthony!

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Blurb from Naked Treats:

How does a newly graduated culinary student distinguish herself in a city full of experienced personal chefs? Rose Phelps cooks for her private clients in the nude. Her favorite client is sexy and successful Zack Cranston, a confirmed bachelor. The more he's around Rose, the harder it is for Zack to resist her naked charms. Still, he figures all he needs is one night between the sheets with her and he'll be over it.

Up till now, Rose has ignored his teasing advances; she's dead set on keeping things all business between them. Then unexpected circumstances cause their emotional and personal boundaries to crumble. Will one night of smoking hot sex lead Zack and Rose to heartbreak and pain, or the possibility of a whole new future together?

Let's get to know Pepper...

1.) How did you come up with the idea for Naked Treats?

I enjoy watching the cooking channels on television. I was thinking one day about how sexual tension could be present between a personal chef and his or her client, and about how sensual food can be. Then I decided to up the ante by having my female chef work in the nude. I'm not sure how realistic that is, but it made for an interesting plot device.

2.) Do you write every day?

Pretty much, yes. I work almost full time as the bookkeeper for our family business. I've discovered that I can work in some writing between balancing the books, helping customers and answering the phone. Who knew? It can be a little crazy-making to be crafting a hot bedroom scene and be interrupted by someone needing directions to our store. But interruptions are something that almost all writers have to deal with. I also set aside big chunks of my days off just for writing.

3.) Are your books more character-based or plot-based?

Usually character-based. Conflict and emotion are where the meat of the story is, as far as I'm concerned. But in "Naked Treats" the story does rely on external plot points.

4.) What are your favorite genres to read and write?

Romance, of course, usually contemporary. I write full length sensual romance as well as shorter erotic romance, like Naked Treats. What I like about writing the shorter stories is that the focus is all on the hero and heroine's relationship and less on action and sub-plots. I like that there's just one problem to solve: getting them to their happy ending.

5.) What are you working on now and what can we expect from you in the future?

I'm currently revising a 60K contemporary romance and am almost done with first draft of another erotic novella. I'll be watching for any future anthology calls by Evernight, my publisher. I love working with the editors and authors at Evernight, and it's fun to be part of one of their great anthologies.


An Open Book said…
"I enjoy watching the cooking channels on television. I was thinking one day about how sexual tension could be present between a personal chef and his or her client"- I've always said authors find story lines every where in daily life
Dawne P

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