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BELLA'S WOLVES (Love Bites, #2)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, spanking]

Being the fifth wheel on a group camping trip isn't Bella's idea of a good time. Rather than sulk, she decides to explore the old growth forests. She finds more than expected during her innocent hike in the woods. What will she do when two gorgeous men want to claim her body and soul?

Ben and Draco both believe they've found their mate—a human no less. Who does she belong to? They're both determined to win her over and be the first shifter to administer their love bite.


“You smell so sweet,” growled Draco as he painted a trail along her collarbone with his tongue. Growl was the only word that could express the sound he made, as though he’d lost all humanity, retaining only an untamable nature that wouldn’t be denied.

She closed her eyes as he descended to her exposed breasts. His hot, hungry mouth clamped over her aching nipple. Ben toyed with her other breast, snaking his arm around her body, teasing the bundle of nerves until it had its turn with Draco’s skilled tongue. Was this real? The blanket of darkness hid their illicit act, but they were still out in the open, which felt so naughty. Her pussy pulsed as the men continued to torment her, making her desperate to be fucked.

“Lower,” she managed to say. Draco moved down her stomach until he reached the edge of her blue jeans. He unbuttoned her and tugged the tight material over her hips. The night air on her moist folds felt exhilarating. Her thin lace panties offered little protection from the elements, and even less from Ben’s probing hands. His strong arms encircled her. Two fingers slipped under the material and penetrated her throbbing cunt.

“I know you’re aching here, Bella. Let us make you feel good,” Ben said in a deep, erotic whisper. Just the sound of his voice promised hours of mind-numbing pleasure.


“We both need you, little one. Can you handle that?” Draco nibbled her thighs, ripe and alive with sensitivity. Her entire body quivered, her knees wobbly. Ben lowered her to the soft leaf litter of the forest floor. She couldn’t even feel the cold on her back or care about the fact she was about to get double fucked in the middle of the woods. All that mattered was allowing these two men to take her to that next level. She was no longer herself. Her inhibitions, self-doubts, and insecurities vanished, replaced with a heady lust. She watched the moon from its perch in the night sky straight above her. It seemed to watch her, telling her to go through with the act. She needed no encouragement. This was going to happen.

Both men stripped her of her remaining clothes, slowly, sensuously. Hot, naked and hornier than she’d thought possible, she reached for them, ready to beg, if necessary. Draco lowered his large frame over her body. His firm, hot skin scalded her, melting away her cool exterior. She loved the feel of his weight hovering over her. He kissed her, pulling her out of reality entirely. All that mattered was losing herself in Draco’s kiss—his taste, his scent, and the way he devoured her like a man finding his lost love after a lifetime of separation. For now, she’d pretend to believe it.

He reached between them and rubbed circles over her swollen clit. The blinding pleasure of his touch forced her to break their kiss to gasp for air. Ben knelt near her head, his silhouette visible with the glow of moonlight behind him. He bent low and kissed her as Draco moved to the side of her neck. She had no clue so many nerves resided in her neck or the rim of her ear, but he found every sensitive place and brought her to the brink of a spontaneous orgasm.

“Bella,” Draco growled. “Don’t run from us again.” He moved down her body with the fluidity of a graceful hunter. When he reached the juncture between her legs, he nudged her knees open and lapped at her moist folds.

Bella gasped from the initial intensity. Then she melted into the soft earth as Ben gently covered her areola with his mouth. The double stimulation had her body quaking with the need for release. Draco’s assault on her pussy was just that—a dominant claiming of her cunt. He suckled her, nipped, and teased. It was the most beautiful thing she’d ever felt, and she never wanted it to end. Heat sparked to life in her toes, curling up through her extremities toward her core. She focused on the stream of liquid fire warming her from the inside out. Any minute and her cunt would explode.

Bella grabbed Ben around the neck and held on. “It’s coming,” she said.

“Good. Don’t fight it,” said Ben. “There’s more where that came from. A lot more.” Damn, she liked the sound of that. She’d need a hell of a lot more to make up for so many years of unsatisfying sex and abstinence.

As her orgasm loomed at the surface, waiting for its chance to break free, she felt an irrational but primal urge to connect with her men on a level sex alone couldn’t provide. Bella sniffed the musky, masculine scent of Ben as she hugged him. So tempting. Mine. Without thought, she bit into the thick cord of muscle where his shoulder met his neck. The same instant his blood hit her tongue, her body detonated in a blinding release. She cried out, enough to scare off any lurking animals in the vicinity. If it were day, she had no doubt a flock of birds would be racing for the sky.

She had just experienced the orgasm of her life, but she wasn’t sated. Bella needed more. “Fuck me,” she demanded. Her pussy felt void and achy.

Draco crawled up her body and gripped the base of his cock before plunging it into her inviting, wet heat. He slid in easily despite his impressive size. She moaned once Draco filled her to the brink, his pubic hair rubbing against her clit. The satisfaction made her eyes loll back in her head. Before thrusting, he propped himself up on his elbows and stared down at her.

She tried to focus on his handsome face, but she could only think about sex and the way his cock filled every inch of her pussy. He ran the pad of his thumb over her lip, collecting a rivulet of Ben’s blood, and looked from the other man to her. “So…you like to bite?” His voice carried humor and the promise of pleasure and pain combined into one epic experience.

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