Six Sentence Sunday!

These six are from Bella's Wolves (Love Bites, #2)

Coming May 18th to Siren-Bookstrand Publishing

The two men looked at each other briefly. Then Draco rammed his fist into the brick wall a foot from her head. The mortar and brick crumbled from the hole he’d created. “All the better to protect you with, little one.”

Ben grabbed her hand and pressed it against the rock hard bulge in his jeans. “And all the better to fuck you with,” he said with a sexy smirk.


An Open Book said…
WOW- great 6 - I love the way Draco takes control and is protective
Dawne P
Jenna McCormick said…
Gets the blood flowing to all the right places. These guys have style!
Gem Sivad said…
These two are rather overwhelming--in a totally sexy way. I want to read more and see her get *ahem* "overwhelmed*. :)
Rebecca Royce said…
Can't wait to read this book!
Now there's an alpha hero. :)
Luxie Ryder said…
Very exciting six! Great cover too!
Powerful sentences - and men! Loved it!
Oh, this is deffo on my to read list now! Great 6! HOT cover!
Sandra Sookoo said…
ooh wow, nice info packed in such a little 6!
Taryn Kincaid said…
Whoa. Two big bad wolves indeed!
Kathleen Grieve said…
Wow! Such a diverse duo! Love them both!
JoAnne Kenrick said…
Love this six, and great cover!
Jayel Kaye said…
you sure her name isn't Little Red Riding Hood?

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