Six Sentence Sunday!

These six are from my recent release, Taming Jenna (sequel to Saving Grace)

He dropped his bent-up leg and stepped toward her, each step ringing with that familiar metallic chime. She instinctively moved back, her heart beginning to race. She took a quick glance to her left to eye her rifle.

“You gonna shoot me?” He kept coming until she was past her horse and out of reach of her weapon. “I have a better idea.”


An Open Book said…
He has a much better idea...the same one going through my mind too- great 6
Dawne P
Vivien Jackson said…
I'll just bet he does!
Gem Sivad said…
If my idea matches his idea, smoking six!!!
Ranae Rose said…
I bet what he has in mind is a lot more fun than shooting someone. ;)
I have a better idea too. Wonder if it's the same one? :)
Jay Di Meo said…
Mmm cowboys and their ideas... ;-)
delilahhunt said…
You got me Stacey. I've been meaning to read this and I this and I think today is the day. Need to find out what happened.
Lindsay said…
And we all know what his idea is. Shoot her with his personal gun
Sandy Ruth said…
This gives new meaning to the term "idea man." This was a fun six!
My six sentences are here:Sandy's Six

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