Six Sentence Sunday!

I'm late!
These six are from my upcoming June release, Freya's Mates

She prided herself from not flinching or pulling away from the contact. He licked his full lips in a slow drag, mesmerizing her, making her imagine what his tongue would feel like trailing over her beaded nipples.

"I don’t remember saying I wanted you, princess." He tweaked her nose before striding away. Anger bloomed inside her. Why didn't he want her, everyone did!


An Open Book said…
OM Goodness- what a tease he is- I think Princess will get what she wants though
Dawne P
Vivien Jackson said…
Great shift from tension to lighthearted. I almost expected her to stomp her little foot there at the end. :) And him I like!
Dee Carney said…
Ha! He's going to regret saying that.
Anonymous said…
Well, I was feeling sorry for her up til that last line. A bit presumptious? lol. Great snippet, though!
Well DANG what a tease!! Sexy six!! :)
Jennifer L Hart said…
That's just not right! Teasing her like that. I bet she wants him even more now.
Xakara said…
Nice bit of male hard to get! Lessons aplenty in both their futures I bet. :)

A Way To A Dragon's Heart 6ss
Ebony Dreams said…
I can't wait to read this...oooh sounds too hot!