Six Sentence Sunday!

These 6 are from my newest western menage release, Taming Jenna (sequel to Saving Grace)

He dumped the rest of his coffee into the sink and set his empty mug on the counter. “That’ll never be me.”

“Well, aren’t you Prince Charming, Mansfield. I thought even you would appreciate a happy ending.”

“My life hasn’t been a fairy tale, darlin’. I gave up on dreams long ago.”


Sandra Sookoo said…
Poor thing. Something tells me he'll find his by the book's end :-)
What a waste - I haven't had my coffee yet this morning. UGH! ;P
Gem Sivad said…
In six, you made me want a happy ending for him. Great snippet!
romancingalix said…
Well managed six, I agree with Gem, in just six I want him to find happiness too. Thank you.
Rawiya said…
Nice Six Stacey!
Marie Dees said…
Great six! love the dialogue
Bree said…
I wanna know about his tortured past!!
Julia Barrett said…
Lovely six sentences, Stacey!
JoAnne Kenrick said…
something tells me he'll believe in fairy tale endings soon :) Fab six!
Lindsay said…
Did you really have to waste the coffee?
Love the six and can't wait for him to realize that dreams do happen
Sarah Grimm said…
Poor guy. No one should give up on dreams. Hopefully he'll realize soon that dreams do come true.
Keta Diablo said…
Hi Stacey,

I'm liking this Mansfield already and I only have a few sentences to judge him. Sounds like a realistic hero.

Hope his dreams come true!

best, Keta
Cradle of Dreams 6SS
This is a great six, Stacey!
Kathleen Grieve said…
Hmmm...a trace of bitterness, perhaps? Wonder what shaped him into the man he is now. Great insight into his character in this Six!

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