Six Sentence Sunday!

These six are from my upcoming release Corralling the City Girl (Ride 'em Hard, 2)

I had so much fun writing this story!

Her defenses rose. “I’m an executive assistant for a very prestigious accounting firm.” Jane crossed her arms over her chest feeling suddenly claustrophobic with the three of them cornering her, asking her questions she didn’t want to answer, and an invisible time clock clicking down to certain detonation in her mind.

“Sounds mighty fancy,” said Dawson. “I suppose that’s why you’re acting like a spoiled little rich girl.”

“Excuse me?”


Gem Sivad said…
Three hot men surrounding her and she can still think? What a girl.
An Open Book said…
OUCH! Touche? I can see the fireworks starting- love it
Dawne P
Ooooh! That boy is gonna pay! Kick his butt! Great six! :)
Rawiya said…
Great six Stacey!
Dee Carney said…
Oh. No. He. Didn't.
Vivien Jackson said…
Fascinating tension here. I like the disconnect between how she sees herself and how others see her behavior.
Ow! Great tension building, makes me want to read on, see what will happen next! :)
Julia Barrett said…
This one makes me laugh! Sounds like fun!
Taryn Kincaid said…
Just a guess might want to walk that one back a little, Dawson!
Kathleen Grieve said…
OOOHHHH!!! Three of them? She may have more than she can handle on her hands! LOL

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