Weekend Dirty Dozen!

“You gonna use your safe word already, baby doll? The fun hasn’t even started.” Dawson stepped closer and grabbed her wrist, bringing her hand to his cock. She wrapped her hand around his girth. Her irritation vanished. Jane leaned into Dawson, their dripping, bare flesh rubbing together.

“I’m not as delicate as you might think, cowboy.” She dropped down to her knees, mud from the earth splashing up on her thighs. Brad watched in rapt awe as she wrapped a fist around the base of his cock and brought it to her lips. She sucked greedily, her cheeks hollowing each time she pulled back. He wanted to feel her mouth around him.

Brad’s trepidation and hesitation about sharing Jane seemed to slip away with the rain drops running down his arms.

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Kathleen Grieve said…
Very erotic with the rain! Well done!
Rawiya said…
Wow, hot Stacey!

Nicely done!
Julia Barrett said…
Oh those dirty dozen!