Cover Art!

Angel is the woman readers loved to hate in Ride 'em Hard, 1. If you think she looks a bit bitchy on her cover, that's because she is. Can she get redemption with two hot cowboys that are unwilling to put up with her attitude?


[Western Menage a Trois Romance, BDSM]

Angel Garner is a young, spoiled cowgirl used to getting her own way. When Clay Roberts wins the stallion she covets at auction, she's determined to make him sell the horse back. The only problem is the cowboy has no plans on humoring her.

Landon Wilder has had a crush on his friends' sister since before he can remember. He tries to help her get back her horse, but soon learns a trick or two from the man she claims to hate. Their sexual games soon inspire real emotion, complicating their ménage a trois. 

For them to have a lasting future together, it'll take two determined cowboys to properly break the stubborn, blonde filly.


Julia Barrett said…
Nice cover, Stacey. You are so busy!