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I'm having a little contest!!

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?

Kaya's tired of playing the good girl. All it got her was a broken heart and nothing to show for it. When she transfers to a new university, she's instantly attracted to her philosophy teacher. He's older, wiser, and his position promises security and commitment.

Getting the hard-bodied Mr. Taylor to notice her isn't so easy. He's determined to keep professional and ignore all her attempts at flirting. But as time passes Kaya realizes there is more between them than just intense sexual chemistry. When her teacher finally takes a chance on her, all bets are off.

Kaya and Hayden embark on a passionate love affair that heals both their hearts and turns up the heat. When Hayden's dominant side appears in the bedroom, Kaya can't get enough. Nothing could be better—if only their love wasn't forbidden.

Be Warned: anal sex, mild BDSM


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To Enter: Leave your name/email in the comment section along with your teacher-crush experience!

I'll pick the winner December 26th


Tammy said…
Oh naughty minds think alike. *giggles* One of the coaches for math and he was so hot. I was always tongue tied around him lol.
Congrats on the release!

Anonymous said…
I took anthropology for more than my fascination for the study of man. The teacher was hawt!

I would love Something like that
Laura Bowles
elaing8 said…
I have never had a teacher crush.

But the book sounds really good.
Thanks for the giveaway.

happy Holidays!

Unknown said…
I've done karate for years as my form of exercise. Some run, I do karate. Anyways, you can only imagine some of the really attractive karate instructors out there. There's one in particular I see whenever several schools in the area get together, about every six months. Needless to say wearing a karate gi and doing lots of aggressive (and oh so appealing) fighting, makes him melt my butter! So this isn't a past crush but an ongoing one!
June M. said…
I had a crush on a couple of teachers in high school and one in college. I was very shy though so of course never said anything.

Congrats on the release. It sounds really good!
Have a happy holiday!
June M.
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com
Oh, my Philosophy and History teacher at the 4t year of high school... wow... he was 32 and too hot for his own good. We used to have the first hour on Mondays with him. Usually he appeared with dark glasses and flopped on the desk half dead for ten minutes before starting lessons. He was a terrific teacher too, if you could concentrate on what he was saying long enough to notice. ;-)
Ursula said…
Omgosh we all had a huge crush on the shop teacher in junior high. Three years of pining after Mr. Randall. *sigh*

Beckey said…
The schools I went to all had ancient Dinosaur (what we would called them then) teachers that were OLD with gray hair to boot or they were severally overweight with bottle glasses... 

So... With that being said no teacher crush here & that may be good thing too...cause I was what the principle called "boy crazy" in school (I had crushes on 2 boys and always seem to find myself in detention for grabbing their butts in the hallway to get their attention)

Anyway congrats on the release, seems like a good story to read and another to add to my TBR list...

Happy Holidays 


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