Weekend Dirty Dozen!

Here is a tease from my 2012 release of:


(Ride 'em Hard, 4)

He preferred a real woman with succulent curves to get lost in. She had it all—full breasts, round hips, and curvy ass. Grant could lose himself in a body like hers. He had no doubt she’d be able to handle a hard fucking, just the way he liked it.
“You’re killing me,” she cried. She held fistfuls of his hair, pulling when he hit an exceptionally sensitive spot.
“I promise you’ll live. Soon you’ll be begging me for more.”
He’d tend to believe she’d never had her cunt sucked before, but that seemed impossible. What man wouldn’t want to feast on such a fine woman? He could live between her legs if she’d let him. But she acted like an inexperienced lover, not realizing that she had to pass that intense stimulation before she reached the gold.

 Copyright 2011 Stacey Espino

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Avril Ashton said…
wohoo! Hawt stuff, me likey!
Jean said…
Wow, sizzling! Great dozen.
I it hot in here? Very yummy gal. Cant wait for more!