Guest Blogger: New Release, Contest, and Book Giveaway!

New Release, Contest, and Book Giveaway!


Thank you, Stacey, for letting me take over your beautiful blog today. I spent nearly thirty minutes reading your posts and hot excerpts. I'm Randi Alexander and I write cowboy erotic romance. Stacey and I are blog sisters on Wild and Wicked Cowboys. I'm published with The Wild Rose Press' Cowboy Kink line. My second Cowboy Kink, Her Cowboy Stud, was released March 23.

As I started thinking about what to talk about today, my phone rang. It was the neighbor. "Are you burning something over there?" she asked. That's never a good question. "Um, no, why?" She replied, "It smells like someone's burning chicken feathers."
I grinned. Since I'm not much into any rituals using chicken feathers and fire, and I don't think any of other neighbors are either, I wasn't sure what to answer. Then I jumped out of my LazyGirl writing chair.
MaryJane, the neighbor, is a retired librarian, no family, very quiet. Was something really wrong? "I'm on my way over. Open your back door and step outside." There could be a real fire, or – worse – she could be having a stroke. I changed out of my writing muumuu (hey, comfort is important whilst writing!) and into jeans and a t-shirt and bolted next door.
She and her dog were on the front patio. The neighbor on the other side of her came racing over as well. She must have called her, too.
The three of us spent a few minutes sniffing out the burnt chicken feather smell but found nothing that seemed a likely hot spot. MaryJane said, "I wonder if it was from the furnace. I just had the vents cleaned and turned it on to make sure it still worked."
We tried the furnace and sure enough, it smelled like something burning, although how MaryJane knew what burned chicken feathers smelled like was a mystery I wasn't interested in solving.
"As long as you're both here," MaryJane said, "let's have a glass of tea on the patio."
The other neighbor lady and I looked at each other. I needed to get back to writing. She had three small children whom we could see playing in the yard. I smiled and nodded, and so did she.
"We'd love to. Thank you."
Over tall, icy glasses of tea, we discussed the books we were reading. MaryJane has very eclectic tastes and reads anything she can get her hands on. She admitted books were her only companions. And she liked it that way. A lump formed in my throat. Most of us feel lucky to have family and friends to interact with, but MaryJane chose a different path. She chose to find her socialization in books.
While my books are far too spicy for her, I felt a new sense of mission. What if my books reached out to people who read erotic romances to fill a social need in their lives? What an awesome responsibility! And what a great pleasure, to know that my writing could be more than just entertainment, it could bring someone the friendship of a sexy cowboy and his lovely lady.

I'd love to hear what you think. What does reading do for you? Do you read simply for pleasure? Or for stress release? Or do you find a deeper connection inside the covers of a book? Please leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of my first Cowboy Kink book, Chase and Seduction.

Trace McGonagall’s quiet life on his Houston stud ranch is shaken up when gorgeous Macy Veralta arrives to claim an inheritance left to her in his uncle’s will. Trace sees her as just another gold digger, but he also can’t resist her curvy body. When she hints at being the perfect submissive to his Dom, he has to have her.

Macy wouldn’t have been three months late to claim her inheritance if she’d known Trace was sin in jeans. The cowboy’s dominant bearing and the smoldering glint in his eyes send shivers to her toes and stirs images of being bound in his bed and disciplined at his hand. But could Trace’s perfect seduction be part of his plan to reclaim her inheritance?

EXCERPT: Over 18 only please.

Trace surprised himself by growing hard so soon after Macy's fantastic blowjob. Staring down into Macy’s eyes, he positioned his body to fit perfectly on top of hers. He finally had her in his bed. When Macy wiggled her hips, rolling his cock between their bellies while purring like a contented kitten, he knew he’d never have enough of her.
“You can practice on me as much as you want.” He kissed her, a brush of lips that changed into a sweetly desperate, wordless communication of the thoughts he couldn’t voice. He’d never felt anything like what she’d just done. He’d never come so hard or so fast in a woman’s mouth before. He’d never trusted enough to let go completely. Never before…Macy.
Everything she did, everything she said reinforced his gut feeling about her. Added to that, Silas had the intuition of a mind reader when it came to dealing with people. If the old man liked her—enough to plan this elaborate introduction—well, that carried a lot of weight. Why Trace had ignored his intuition and gone with his suspicious paranoia, he’d never know. It had all seemed a little too good to be true. Shit. He’d almost lost her.
He expressed his emotions with his kiss, with his lips, tongue, and teeth, nipping her lip, groaning as she bit at his. What started as gentle quickly became primal. Raw. He wanted more. Now. His hard cock, sandwiched between them, needed to be deep inside this perfect woman.
Under him, her body writhed sensually, a dance choreographed to drive him wild. Against her lips, he said, “I want to make love to you.”
Her breathing hitched and she looked into his eyes, first astonishment, then hope glowed in her pretty blue eyes and she whispered, “Love me, Trace.”
He did. Something about her, everything about her, made him hunger. Physically and emotionally. It was like nothing he’d experienced.
Without breaking eye contact, he reached into the bedside table and pulled out a condom. One of the box of twelve he’d purchased yesterday. After opening it with his teeth, he rolled it onto his cock with one hand. She spread her legs. As they watched each other, the word “love” still hanging heavily in the air between them, he found her opening with his rod and slowly slid home.
Her eyes rolled back for a second as a sweet cry left her mouth.
He let out a low rumble as his shaft absorbed her heat, settled deliciously in her tight wetness, the walls of her core tightening around him.
Their eyes locked again. Desperately he wanted to suckle at her nipples, lick the tender spot under her ear, and bite her lobe, but he couldn’t look away. Didn’t want to break the powerful contact.
He arched his back and slid nearly out of her then back in. Her exquisitely small, slick pussy seared him as he buried himself deep.
Macy’s hands slid to the back of his neck, her fingers running through his hair, across his shoulders, and down his biceps, repeating the trip until suddenly her hands gripped his shoulders. Her face and neck grew pink as her passion raced higher. When she arched her back, he angled his hips, letting his pubic bone rub her clit, his hair providing rough stimulation as he slowly made love to her.
Love. The word kept ricocheting through his mind and he worked to deflect it. Too soon, too much. She was beautiful, sexy in a way he’d never known a woman could be, uninhibited and seductive. She could be his. His woman. The intense realization had him pumping his cock in deeper, faster with each stroke.


To celebrate the release of Her Cowboy Stud, I'm giving away, to one lucky *commenter, an e-copy of my first erotic romance, Chase and Seduction. Just leave a comment today and we'll choose a winner tomorrow. *Commenter must be 18 years of age or older to win.

I'm also giving away a custom-made messenger bag and a $50 gift certificate to Pureromance to one subscriber to my newsletter. For more details, and to sign up for this contest, please go to my website,  And while you're there, you can read the first chapter of Her Cowboy Stud.

Good luck, and thank you!


"Rode Hard and Put Up Satisfied"
Her Cowboy Stud available at The Wild Rose Press Wilder Roses
Kindle version is available at


Cara Bristol said…
I kept waiting to find out what the burning feather smell was! I read strictly for entertainment, and since I write erotic romance, 95 percent of what I read is erotic romance. I try to kill 2 birds with one stone -- keep up with market trends and read for pleasure.
Jackie54736 said…
Sounds like great sexy cowboy fun! Can't wait to read!
Randi Alexander said…
Hi Cara, To me, it truly just smelled like the first time you turn on your furnace in the fall. But everyone's nose is different! I read mostly EROM, too. It keeps my muse sharp.
Randi Alexander said…
Hey, Jackie, thanks for coming by. Hope you enjoy the book!
I was wanting to know what that smell was. LOL. It was a great story to start off the topic of why we read what we read. For me I have been reading romance books since the age of 12 when I found Barbara Cartland, Mills and Boon (Harlequins) and then on to even spicier reads such as Johanna Lindsey, Bertrice Small. At that very early age I knew what I always wanted to be...A writer. I have finally done it and will be getting published. But reading to me was a beautiful escape. No matter what is happening in my life, it was nice to put myself in the Heroines shoes...and just be someone else for a time...You're book sounds excellent. I cannot wait to read it.
smiles said…
Sounds like a great read, can't wait to get my hands on him
Randi Alexander said…
Nikki, congratulations on your upcoming publication! Exciting, isn't it? I, too, love to read to escape. The best stress relief ever!
Randi Alexander said…
Thank you for dropping by, Shelly! I love your play on words. LOL
Unknown said…
Hi Randi,
i think i am a lot like your neighbor. i have PTSD and sever anxiety so i rarely leave my home. unfortunately that doesn't let me do alot of socializing. instead i read a ton of books a month and dozens in a week if not a day. this lets me go any where and meet lots of people while i am working with my therapist in my real life on getting the PTSD/anxiety under control.

thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway.i love the covers of both books and they sound wonderful.

tammy ramey
Dannielle L said…
Just checked Goodreads to read the description for Chase and Seduction and I found out that I had added the book to my TBR list back in May of last year. So obviously I'd love to read it!!

Thanks for the giveaway.
Randi Alexander said…
Tammy, thank you for sharing your story. I'm glad you've found books as a way to de-stress.
Randi Alexander said…
Hi Dannielle, I'm wishing you good luck in the book giveaway. I like hearing that I'm on your TBR, and if yours is anything like mine, it's very, very long!
Randi Alexander said…
Congratulations Tammy Ramey! Using, I chose you as the winner of Chase and Seduction. Please contact me at to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog and commenting, and a big thanks to Stacey for hosting me.