Release Day for Midlife Menage!!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, older heroine, public exhibition, figging, HEA]

Wendy McCay is a forty-four-year-old mother of four grown children. She hides behind her widow status every time her wealthy neighbor, Wade Laweson, shows interest in her. He's a constant temptation, but she feels her time for love is over.

When she has to take on a boarder after a drought destroys her wheat crop, her control is tested having Jackson Taylor, a strapping, young rodeo rider, under her roof. He is impulsive, passionate, and makes her feel young again.

With both men turning on the charm, insisting she accept the wanton woman waiting to be freed, she's in for a losing battle. Will she be able to give her guarded heart over to both men and find a new happily ever after?


“Don’t worry about the orchard,” he said, running his hand across her forehead to remove the stray hairs. She jerked her head away, uncomfortable with the intimate touch. Being over a decade older than Jackson, she shouldn’t feel like an inexperienced schoolgirl, but she did. It was as if all the years she’d stopped living a full life never happened, and she was once again young and shy, in the care of a more traveled lover. Jackson may only be twenty-nine but she was certain he knew the anatomy of a woman and the art of lovemaking. Wendy could barely recall what it felt like to kiss a man.
He shook his head and leaned over her torso. Only now could she smell his subtle cologne. She closed her eyes, feeling enveloped by so much masculine energy. He whispered right against her ear, the heat and gentle wisp of air igniting her deep-seated desires. “Trust me.”
“I can’t,” she said with all honesty. Even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t be able to give up that much power. If she only had herself to rely on, she’d never have to worry about getting hurt or caring about a stranger.
He tongued the shell of her ear, his upper body weight suspended over her. His frame was so large, so strong, everything that attracted her to a man. She never realized there were erogenous zones in and around her ears. He seemed to hit every one with his lips and tongue. Why wasn’t she stopping him? Her eyes were closed, her pussy pulsing, her heart rate deafening as it pounded in her ears.
“Do you like that?” he asked.
She kept silent.
He grew bolder now, probably since she hadn’t asked him to stop. Jackson ran a hand down the side of her neck and under the housecoat at her shoulders. His bare hand against her flesh was hot and rough, titillating her senses. She had no clothes on. All it would take was a quick movement to peel the material open, leaving her completely vulnerable.
“What about this?” As he reached deeper inside her housecoat, his hand skimming her side, the terrycloth parted, exposing one breast. She gasped, trying to cover up, but he stilled her. “Why’re you hiding from me? I thought you were enjoying yourself.”
“I’m nothing to look at.” She had small, insignificant breasts, slightly droopy from nursing all her children for over a year each. Jackson had probably sampled plenty of the young buckle bunnies that frequented the rodeo circuit. She couldn’t compete and wouldn’t be looked at with disgust.
He wrapped his hand around her wrist, raising it above her head in a firm lock. Then he lowered his mouth to her breast, taking the entire areola into his mouth. Her nipple instantly pebbled, sparks of electricity racing through her body. She panted, shocked as much as she wanted more. “You’re delicious, Wendy. More than I could ever ask for.” He trailed those wicked kisses down her center, making her stomach quiver.
“Jackson, what’re you doing?”
“Just one taste, darlin’.” She wasn’t sure what he referred to until his tongue flicked out when he reached her clit. Wendy gasped aloud, the sensation triggering a deep convulsing in her womb. “Yes,” he murmured, spreading her legs apart. She was stiff, awkward, unsure…until he began to suckle her. Jackson ate her pussy—licking, sucking, nipping, and fucking her with his tongue. This was another new experience for her. She felt uninhibited, as if exploring her sexuality for the first time.
It was oddly erotic watching Jackson’s head between her bare legs. Her housecoat was fully open, no longer an afterthought. She focused on his mouth, the pleasurable sounds he made, and the fire sparked to life in her core. The heat grew and spread. Wendy began to whimper, clutching his head, knowing something monumental was about to take place.
He seemed to know the precise spot to concentrate on, bringing her higher until she was floating on a new plane of consciousness. His stubble scraped her sensitive inner thighs and pussy lips, but the mix of pleasure and slight pain was exhilarating.
“Jackson!” She thrust her hips up involuntarily at the same time her body erupted. It was as if some floodgate inside her had broken forth, releasing all her desire in one massive rush of energy. He didn’t pull away, but suckled her cunt until all her contractions eased, leaving her a boneless mass on the bed.