My New Office!!!

Isn't is purdy?!

DH went overboard fixing up my office, and my grandmother bought me the nice little rug and beautiful painting.

I picked a deep mauvy color for the walls, added a cool wrought-iron chandelier, and bought all new furniture.

I even have the dog's little bed right beside my desk, although she prefers my lap most of the time.

So much storage and desk space. MUCH easier to keep organized and not feel cluttered.

You can kind of see the painting here. It's calm and inspiring.

Now I have no excuses...back to the writing!


Kristabel Reed said…
It's lovely! I'm a little jealous of the cleanliness of the room. Well, more than a little jealous!
Cara Bristol said…
So nice. So professional looking. My next desk is going to be L-shaped.
It's gorgeous...I have office envy now.

Stacey said…
The L-shape is so helpful!
I love it....great color and looks like the perfect space to create!
Ursula said…
So jealous! Love the new office. May it bring lots of produtiveness and creativity!
bettielee said…
Love. It. gorgeous color -cozy.
Anonymous said…
It's gorgeous! Lucky you!
Angelina Rain said…
Love the new office. It looks so calming. And I love that painting. Jealous now, I want that office.
Eve Langlais said…
Love your new creative space!! Now get to work lololol.
Julia Barrett said…
Sweet! I really like it!