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Here is an excerpt from my new release, THE PRIVATE STABLE:

They lowered her to the bed, her feet still on the floor as she rested her head on the mattress. She wasn’t sure what they kept talking about. She was at the ranch for a job, not sex. Did women usually flock here for a chance to bed one of the delectable cowboys? She didn’t want to be seen in such a light. What she wanted was love, a sense of belonging, so much more than one night of passion. But she expected this was the best she’d get, and her libido wouldn’t let her refuse their advances.
Wyatt tugged off her pants, leaving her in just her undergarments. She reached to the sides, hoping to cover herself with a sheet or pillow.
“Now what’re you doing?” Wyatt stared down at her, all male dominance. A thrill ran through her body, a new kind of fear, one she wanted to explore. She was outside of her body, floating, experiencing everything as a voyeur.
“Covering myself?”
Both men glanced at each other, appearing dumbfounded. Had they never met an insecure woman before? Perhaps they were only used to equally perfect cowgirls.
“Why?” asked Ethan.
He was ruining her sexual high, forcing her to face her insecurities when she’d rather ignore them. “Because I’m ashamed of my body,” she blurted, upset she had to spell it out for them. “Or haven’t you noticed I’m not exactly bikini material?” She usually wasn’t so forward or blatant, but it wasn’t right for them to pretend to be clueless. It only made her feel worse about herself.
“She’s not even green broke,” said Wyatt, whatever that meant. “Rachel, I don’t know what women in the city strive for these days, but I promise you that simple men like us most certainly appreciate a woman with plenty of curves.”
“You’re perfect. Soft and lush. Everything a woman should be.” Ethan propped a knee on the mattress and leaned over her prone body. He peeled one cup of her bra down, exposing her throbbing nipple. “And I love these tits.” Ethan’s hot, wet mouth suckled her nipple like a starved infant, sending spikes of electricity coursing through her body like wildfire. She’d never felt anything so explosive, so pleasurable in all her life. Her other nipple was beaded so tight, she was ready to beg him to tend it. But as soon as the thought had entered her head, Wyatt descended over her other side and covered her areola with his mouth. His tongue was lively, making her pussy spasm uncontrollably. She watched the two heads covering her chest. It was so kinky, two different men engorging themselves on her breasts at once, one dark, one blond. She was surprised at how much she loved it.
Ethan began to move lower, trailing kisses along her heated skin. She’d never had good muscle tone, and when he reached her midriff, she tensed. Rachel forgot about her newfound pleasure and reached down to cover herself again. It had been a mistake. As soon as she covered her stomach with her arm, the men rose to attention.
“Not even green broke,” repeated Wyatt. “This’ll go on all night. Pass me some pig string.”
Ethan slipped away, only to return with a coil of thin yellow twine. She watched with rapt fascination, wondering what they planned next. When Wyatt lifted both her arms above her head, weaving the string in a precise manner around her wrists, she began to panic, her heart pounding in her ears. She tugged downward, but he’d already secured her to the frame of the bed. What were they going to do to her? Was she in danger? And the damn lights were still on!
“Struggling will only make it worse,” said Wyatt. He returned to his place beside her, lounging on his side. His shoulders were so broad that he blocked the other side of the trailer from her view entirely. “Calm down.”
“What are you doing? Please untie me.” She tugged again.
“You know the game, Rachel. We’ve only just begun. You’ll have to learn not to hide yourself from us.” Ethan slipped her panties clean off her legs. This is not happening. She felt tears begin to prick her eyes, her throat tight and tingly. It wasn’t so much the fear building up inside her because she’d dealt with it on a daily basis for so long. It was the humiliation, being bound and not able to cover her nudity.
Ethan attempted to part her legs at the knees. “Forgive me, darlin’. I’m not usually so forward, but when a man’s been sporting blue balls for the better part of the three seasons, he tends to act out of character when presented with such a treasure.” She fought him but failed. He was so powerful, easily spreading her thighs, exposing her moist pussy. She could have fought a little harder, but a big part of her was curious.
“She’s ripe, Wyatt. Soft and pink like a summer peach.”
She hadn’t even shaved her legs in a week. This was a living nightmare that just got worse by the second. Were these men that hard up for sex they’d put up with the likes of her?
“Look, you need to untie me. I’ll scream, you know.”
Wyatt smirked, painting patterns around her nipple with a fingertip. “That’s good. We intend for you to do a lot of screaming tonight.”



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The book sounds steamy!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

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This book sounds really good! It is definitely on my TBR pile!!
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Love the excerpt. Cant wait to read the book. All your books look so good to read.
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I like to stay warm by snuggling underneath a blanket and reading a good romance book! Thanks for the awesome hop and giveaway! Best wishes and many blessings to you and yours!
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I can't wait to read more about The Private Stable. I'm really intrigued by the name and the excerpt of the book.

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The excerpt really gave a nice view into your writing style. Thanks for having us "over".