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This Snippet is from THREESOME, my newest Evernight release:

         Living alone hadn’t been an issue until her libido began playing cruel tricks on her.  It seemed every sight, smell, and sound made her think of sex. And Eve had a problem—she couldn’t get men to notice her. She’d been practically throwing herself at cute strangers in hopes of kindling some interest. Nothing. Last week she’d sunk to her lowest point and tried to seduce the blond grocery boy in the fresh produce section. He was in his mid-twenties and hotter than hell. The way he rolled his short sleeves up over his biceps made her body coil tight. She had no doubt he’d have the stamina to rock her world and give her body exactly what it craved. But when she asked him to help her find a long, thick cucumber, he appeared oblivious and called her “ma’am”. She quickly lost her bravado. Eve was thirty-seven, not twenty. He probably saw her as a mother figure, which only soured her daring mood. 
Who am I kidding? She was past her prime. Eve should have acted when she’d had the chance, when she was young and full of life. She’d thrown away any hopes for fun and excitement, choosing to spend years studying accounting and economics. Now where was she? Pushing pencils in a stuffy office five days a week. Weekends were a mix of Netflix, romance novels, take-out food, and cuddling with her cats. It had been satisfying enough until a few months ago.
Now Eve was tired of being prim and proper. Her body was telling her something. She needed a man. Desperately. At this point, she wouldn’t even be picky, wouldn’t even expect more than one night. It was just about sating her base needs, a quick romp where nobody got hurt because there were no expectations beyond sex.
Her unfulfilled desires outweighed her exhaustion. The weekend was waiting for her. She refused to sit idly by when her body was riper than a cat in heat. Eve sat up, ignoring her aches, and reached for the telephone book on the coffee table. She leafed through the pages until she came to the plumbing ads.
Oh, yeah! “I’ll get a man delivered right to my door,” she said. She could imagine him now—tall, dark and handsome like her crush at the office. He’d be wearing a navy blue uniform and a cute little matching hat like in the commercials. She had it all planned out in an instant. Eve would be wearing something skimpy and corner him in the bathroom while he checked her pipes. She’d make sure she was more than obvious about her intentions. He could fuck her right on the bathroom counter for all she cared. It just needed to happen. Tonight.  If people could die from abstinence, or implode from horniness, she’d be a casualty before dinner.
Two hours later, the buzzer sounded. Her heart began to race. She’d called a plumber for emergency service and all her plumbing was in working order. In fact, it wasn’t even her responsibility to call trades people since she was in a rental unit.
A couple minutes after buzzing him into the building, her door knocked. Oh my God, what have I done?

QUESTION: Do you think Eve got what she ordered?

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Michelle Levan said…
I sure think she will, maybe not the way she expected though! missmichelle345 on facebook, love yuor naughty humor! levanmichelle@yahoo.com
Susan W. said…
Oh, being called "ma'am". How sad! I have a feeling she got more than she expected!
susanmp said…
Definitely got more than what she was expecting!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com
Sassy Chassy said…
Hmm I'm biased since my husband was a plumber for a number of years. I want to say no lol based on that. However, I'm going to say yes!

Sassychassy333 at gmail dot com
tammy ramey said…
i think so. just maybe not exactly what she was expecting, that's the way it always works isn't it? LOL

tammy ramey
Jennifer Mathis said…
god i hope he is a stud for her sake :)
SheriV said…
She is going to get more than she ordered, and everything she needs

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com
Beckey said…
I am going to say Yeah, she did :)

FB Liked BeckeyWhiteATgmailDOTcom