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1.) You write like the wind. How many words do you usually write per day?

Thank you for the compliment lol. At the moment I can manage 7500 words per day, depending on the book and how the story line is going. Most of the time I can do over 5000 words per day. I have to say I do feel proud of that because when I finally did start writing, I couldn't get over 600 words and writing a full story was way too daunting. I think that is a huge improvement.

2.) What do you think the appeal is of a may/december relationship?

I don't know what the appeal is to other readers but for me, I just love the older man. I've always found myself more intrigued by this theme when picking stories to read myself and it adds a different element to the story. There is something about the hurdles they need to cross.  

3.) Do you enjoy writing "real" heroines that readers can relate to? Do you see a little of yourself in your characters?

I think real heroines are a must. I've read so many stories where the women are perfect without anything wrong with them and even though I like those stories, to me, they are complete fantasy. Also, when I start writing I give myself time to know my characters. I want each story to be told in its own way and I think a key point is to really know who you're writing about. 

I get a notebook and I jot down little quirks I see in my mind; from a tattoo or hair colour to even a quirky sense of dress. 

I do see a little of my own traits in several characters but I keep it to a minimal as I don't want to ruin a story by using my own reality. 

4.) What is your writing space like? Office, sofa, bed? Cluttered or organized?

At the moment my writing space is a little tiny square where I have my laptop set up with several folders surrounding me. It is a small desk and I have a board in front of me with several notes on ideas and a few pictures of inspiration. I also have several paperback books that I love reading along with some of my own paperback books to help push me along. I'm hoping to move house where I can set up a room for my office. 

It is what I consider organised but to others it might not be so. LOL. 

5.) What are you working on next?

Whatever my muse wants me to. I have so many ideas and my notebooks are full with potential story lines but it is all down to what she wants. 

If I had my way, I'd be working on the next Owners and Bad Boys book. 

I'm a slave to her desires. 

Time to Play

The Allusifa Siblings, 1 
One night of hot sex was never supposed to be complicated. 
Simone hates men who cheat. When she catches her current boyfriend with another woman, she finds the nearest bar and spends the night with a mysterious and alluring stranger. 
Come Monday... 
Callum Gallagher is looking for a thief. Someone is stealing his money and making it look like Simone is the culprit. He knows it cannot be her. Callum enlists her help with a little persuasion. 
She never expected to meet her mystery man or to be attracted to him and his brooding friend. Cole Turner gets under her skin unlike any other man. When their innocent kisses take on a whole new meaning, will she be able to resist both men? 
After witnessing the disaster of her parents marriage, Simone cannot bring herself to trust any man with her heart. Will Cole and Callum break the ice surrounding her heart?
Be Warned: menage sex (MFM), anal sex, sex toys, spanking
“This is just a city, Callum. Nothing special about a city.” 
He ran a finger down her arm watching her nipples harden in their reflections. Her body caught his attention. She had a nice rounded stomach and full, spankable ass. She was not self conscious. She wasn’t trying to cover her body from his view. Simone was happy in her skin, and he found it a turn-on to finally see a woman happy with herself. 
Moving his hand around her body, he cupped one of her tits in his hand. The weight filled his hand. She looked so sexy as her head fell back onto his shoulder. One of his hands had his drink. He used the other to play with her body. 
“Do you like being my toy?” he asked, running his hand down to her mound. She was neatly trimmed. He wondered if she went bare at any time. 
“Providing you give me what I want, I don’t care what you do,” she said. 
Her eyes closed when he eased a finger between her glistening pussy lips. She was soft to the touch. Dripping wet from her orgasm. He wondered how she’d look with his seed mixed in with her own release. 
“We’re strangers, Simone. No one will ever know what happened here.” 
“I know.” She opened her legs wider. The heels she wore made it easier for her to open. He watched in the reflection as he teased her clit. The little nub looked swollen with need. The drink in his hand was hindering his play time. 
“Hold this,” he said, handing her the glass. 
Simone took the glass from him. Callum opened the lips of her pussy, taking a good look at her reflection. He wanted his tongue inside her and to taste all that warm cream he saw coming from her. 
Callum moved further down pressing the tips of two fingers inside her cunt. Her moan echoed off the walls. Once she had two fingers inside her, he added a third, watching her take all of him. His cock thickened inside his pants. 
“Stand up.”  She did as he told her. He took the glasses from her hands then placed them on the floor. 
Next, he removed his own pants until he stood behind her naked. Grabbing another condom, he placed it over his stiff cock. He pressed on Simone’s back, making her ease forward against the glass. Her ass was in the air with her cunt on display. Callum eased the tip of his dick along her slit, feeling her shiver with each move. When he bumped her clit, she cried out in pleasure. 
In one single thrust, he pressed inside her tight cunt, feeling her walls grip him like a fist. With her hands against the glass of the window, he pressed his length inside her cunt. Holding her hips, he pulled out then slammed inside. 
“I want to hear your screams, Simone. I want to hear you beg for my cock.” 

Author Bio: 

Sam Crescent is passionate about fiction. She loves a good erotic romance and so it only made sense for her to spread her wings and start writing. She began writing in 2009 and finally got that first acceptance in 2011.  

She loves creating new characters and delving into the worlds that she creates. When she’s not panicking about a story or arguing with a character, she can be found in her kitchen creating all kinds of havoc. Like her stories the creations in the kitchen can be just as dubious but sometimes things turn out great.


KarenJ said…
I've never read any of your books Sam but this one does sound hot!
SheriV said…
Sam is awesome and I love her books. :) Looking forward to this book. ;)

smurfettev AT gmail DOT com
traceytax said…
Hi, Sam! Do you write more than one book at a time? It sounds like you have ALOT of ideas brewing! can't wait!
chele said…
You are a new author for me. I saw Blaze's Second Chance recommended on Goodreads so I think I'll start with that.

Angie said…
I love your books. You write so fast, I check Amazon every few weeks to see if anything new has been published! I'd also love to know if you have more than one book going at a time! I can't wait for the next Law Castle book.

Lisa Carlton said…
Hot damn....that was hot ....probably should not be reading this at work lol now I'm all hot an bothered...Sam Crescent I love your books and can't wait to read more of this one
Crystal Newman said…
I can't wait to read the new books. I have been trying to find as many to read as I can. I really love your books. Thank you for this giveaway!!
Ditter said…
Hmmm I love me some Sam! I had no idea you wrote that many words a day! You are a machine! lol Great interview!
Anonymous said…
I love reading your books Sam!!! You are an amazing writer and I can't seem to put your books down once I start reading them!
Carlene Love said…
Loved your interview Sam and like everyone else, I'm truly inspired and amazed at your word count! That is awesome. I can only imagine how much passion you must have for your stories to be able to produce like that. Completely in awe over here in my neck of the woods!

PS--Stacey, your blog is GORGEOUS!
Sam Crescent said…
Hi everyone.

First I want to say thank you so much for stopping by. I've picked two winners and those are

Sheri V and Chele. You should have an email in your inbox :-)

I want to say thank you to all your lovely comments. They really mean a lot.

Carlene- I can only say how much I love writing. I'm passionate about it and that is what keeps me writing :-)

Crystal- Thank you, honey.

Ditter- Love you lol and thank you for stopping by. Now do you see why I cook so much? LOL

Crystal Newman- Thank you for your continued support.

Lisa Carlton - LOL, take care.

Chele - That is my sister's favourite book. I hope you enjoy it.

Sheri- Thank you.

Karen- I hope you like them if you do :-)

Thank you so much Stacey for having me on your blog. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I got caught up in my writing. Take care everyone.

chele said…
Thanks Stacey and Sam!
Sam, I'm excited to read Time to Play. I read Blaze's Second Chance and really liked it. Thanks again for the book :)