New Dark Romance Coming Soon!

One man has vowed to protect her. 
The other won’t stop until she’s dead.

She’s been my full-time charge since she turned eighteen. Her father expects me to protect her and keep my hands to myself. I play my role until the day everything changes. Now I have to balance my loyalty to a dead empire and my own twisted desires.
Vasily Morenov killed everyone I cared about. All I want is revenge. I assassinated him with a single bullet, but it didn’t end there. I won’t have my peace until that motherfucker is wiped from history, and that includes his only heir.
My father owned the city. All I can remember now is blood. Hawk keeps me locked away for my own good. There’s a bounty on my head and an assassin determined to make me disappear. I only remember his hard blue eyes, but I know he’s coming for me. Even Hawk can’t hide me forever.

I'm so excited to share my latest book with you next month. It's been a labour of love, and I hope you all fall in love with Hawk, Cayden, and Sophia. It's a dark, lawless MFM menage romance. This one is novel length because it was important for me to flesh out the characters and relationships to their fullest. 
Stayed tuned for teasers...